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I pledge to raise road safety awareness with my colleagues at my company.
by on 30-03-2016
I Pledge To...
be patient with traffic offenders and no more swearing in the car, pray for them to be more civic minded and give them the middle finger only in my mind
by Siti Khadijah Binti Abdul Wahab on 11-03-2016
I Pledge To...
I need MUFORS to come to our office to promote/brief on road safety awareness to our staff
by Yuhazle Bin Mohd Yusoh on 07-03-2016
I Pledge To...
I Pledge To: Raise awareness on road safety at my workplace
by TERESA CHOOKI on 26-02-2016
I Pledge To...
Bikers please wear helmet and hi-viz safety vest for your safe rides.
by Bumi Safety on 14-01-2016
I Pledge To...
Be more rational than emotional while on the road. Lowering your egos might save your lives people! :-)
by NickyLeen on 27-12-2015
I Pledge To...
I pledge to be a careful driver and keep the traffic rules at all time
by adilen suil on 13-07-2015
I Pledge To...
I pledge to follow the traffic regulations, always have my seat belt on and keep a safe distance while driving. Think about my safety, people around me and also my loved ones!
by M E I L I N on 21-10-2014
I Pledge To...
I pledge to obey all the traffic regulations and drive cautiously. And always think about the loved ones.
by Vibol Sim on 14-10-2014
I Pledge To...
I pledge to drive according to the rules set! Because its in now!
by Nur widad binti roslan on 21-06-2014
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