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I Pledge To...
To drive safely
by Zainal on 17-03-2014
I Pledge To...
be a sivilized driver
by zahrullail on 06-01-2014
I Pledge To...
obey all traffic rules on the road, drive smartly and carefully to ensure the safety of all road users and myself...
by Suanne Chin on 31-12-2013
I Pledge To...
Saya berikrar akan patuh kepada peraturan jalan raya. Semoga orang lain juga akan menyokong hasrat saya ini. Jom memandu dengan selamat!..Pemandu bijak, Malaysia selamat!!
by sulaiha ali on 19-12-2013
I Pledge To...
your ads are freaking annoying
by Gordon on 17-12-2013
I Pledge To...
I pledge not to drive under the influence of alcohol.
by Josie Wan on 16-12-2013
I Pledge To...
I pledge not to play with my mobile phone while driving
by Angeline Tan on 13-12-2013
I Pledge To...
I pledge not to text when driving.
by Elaine Lee on 13-12-2013
I Pledge To...
follow safety rules at all time.
by Wong Koon Foong on 13-12-2013
I Pledge To...
signal before making turns
by Audren Wong on 13-12-2013
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