Mural Competition 2011

Theme: Rakyat Malaysia Bersatu Untuk Keselamatan Jalan Raya


PLUS Mural Competition was first initiated in 2009 and drew interest from 250 schools from all over Malaysia. 50 schools were then selected as finalists based on the best essays written about road safety submitted with the entry form.

With a period of 3 months given to each school to complete the mural work, judges were very impressed with the creative and quality of work done by all finalists. Based on the best mural creative and concept, the overall champion in 2009 was SMK Dato’ Haji Mohd Taib from Chemor, Perak.

Mural Competition 2011












Due to the overwhelming response and success of the first year initiatives, PLUS continues to organise the contest once every two years.

With the establishment of MUFORS initiatives, the mural competition is now promoted under MUFORS hence expanded its reach and activities to increase the awareness on road safety among the younger generation.

Only 50 Schools will be selected to compete in the mural contest.

50 schools selected as the finalist will be given a briefing and guide on mural. In addition, each school will be assisted with an allocation of RM2,000.00 worth for tools and equipments to start up their mural project.

Nippon as partner is sponsoring vouchers worth RM500.00 each for all 50 schools. In addition, this year Nippon is giving away a special prize to be know as ‘Nippon Best Color Award’. The winner or selected school will win 50 cans of paint by Nippon.

Mural Competition 2011

Objectives of the Mural Competition






  • To instil and promote Road Safety Awareness at an early age
  • To gauge the target audience perspective on the issue through interactive activities and creative medium To promote unity & racial harmony of “1 Malaysia”

Contest Entry: School is required to submit entry form together with an essay written about ‘Keselamatan Jalan Raya Tanggungjawab Kita Bersama’

Dateline Submission: 13 May 2011

Supporting Partners: Ministry of Education, Nippon Paint (M) Sdn Bhd & Berita Harian

Champion RM20,000
2nd Place RM15,000
3rd Place RM10,000
4th - 12th Place RM 5,000
13th - 20th Place RM 3,000
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